Cryotherapy as Regenerative Medicine

Cryotherapy as Regenerative Medicine from Worldwide Treatment Center

Worldwide Treatment Centers, is always looking for ways to help our patients recover from injuries and illnesses using the power of regenerative medicine. One of the treatment options that we provide is called cryotherapy. This, quite literally, means cold therapy. This is a therapy where the body is exposed to exceedingly cold temperatures for several minutes at a time. At Worldwide Treatment Centers, we have the power to deliver this therapy to either a single area of the body or the entire body. We can administer localized cryotherapy using ice packs, coolant sprays, ice baths, and ice massages. There are several major benefits of cryotherapy that we want all of our patients to note.

What Is the Science Behind Cryotherapy?

Our team of doctors will not recommend anything to our patients that has not been thoroughly tested and studied. The theory behind cryotherapy is that, by immersing the body in extremely cold environments for several minutes at a time, the body’s inflammatory processes will be stopped. For whole-body therapy, individuals will be exposed to temperatures of negative 200 to 300 degrees F for a few minutes.

While it is common for people to see some benefits after a single treatment, it is most effective when this therapy is used regularly. For example, it is not unusual for us to have athletes come to see us for cryotherapy multiple times per week.

What Are the Benefits of Cryotherapy?

At Worldwide Treatment Centers, we have uncovered a number of benefits for cryotherapy that we see in our patients on a regular basis. Some of the main benefits include:
  • Help Athletes Recover: One of the main ways that we can use this therapy is to help athletes recover from injuries, sprains, strains, muscle tears and intense exertion. By reducing the inflammatory processes following athletic competition, we can reduce the amount of soreness that athletes feel, helping them get back on the field in better shape.
  • Treat Chronic Pain Conditions: We can also use this type of therapy to help people treat chronic pain conditions as well. For example, patients with arthritis might find cryotherapy helpful in dulling inflammation and removing pain.
  • Reduce Nerve Irritation: We can also use this type of therapy to help people remove nerve irritation. There are lots of people who suffer from an irritated nerve and we can use localized therapy to target this nerve and remove these pain signals.
  • Treat Skin Conditions: Finally, we can also use cryotherapy to treat skin conditions as well. For example, atopic dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that leads to dry and itchy skin. By using cryotherapy to boost levels of antioxidants, we can help people who suffer from this condition.
These are just a few of the most common ways that we can use cryotherapy to help our patients.

The Risks of Cryotherapy

Of course, we know that there are risks to this type of therapy as well. At Worldwide Treatment Centers, we do everything we can to minimize these risks. Some of the possible side effects include:
  • The cold therapy can lead to irritation and redness of the skin
  • This could lead to numbness and tingling of the skin as well
  • In some cases, the skin could become excessively dry
  • There could be some mild discomfort due to the cold temperatures
To avoid these side effects, we always monitor our patients closely and make sure they are never exposed to these temperatures for any longer than a few minutes.

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