Oxygenated Tubs

Oxygenated Tubs from Worldwide Treatment Centers

If you have suffered an injury or developed an illness, then you need to make sure that you provide your body with the resources it needs to make a full recovery. This includes food, water rest, and oxygen. Oxygen is an essential component of life and you need oxygen not just to survive but also to power your body’s internal processes. If your body is in the process of fighting off an illness or repairing an injury, then it requires extra oxygen. This is where H20 oxygen therapy from Worldwide Treatment Centers can be helpful. If your body needs more oxygen and oxygenated tub session could provide this to you.

What is Molecular Oxygenated H20 Therapy?

Even though most people associate oxygen with the air, the reality is that the air around us is only 21 percent oxygen. The rest of the air is made up of nitrogen. If your body needs more oxygen, a oxygen therapy session can provide this to you.

In an Oxygenated Tub the concentration of oxygen is higher. This means that your body has access to a great percentage of oxygen which can help your recovery process. Of note, it is critical for you to receive this treatment under the supervision of a trained professional.

With oxygen therapy, your body can use the excess oxygen to power cellular respiration. This provides your body’s cells with extra energy, which is needed to fight off infections and repair injuries. Furthermore, this type of treatment can also be used to mobilize your body’s stem cells. 

Molecular Oxygen Treatment Mobilizes Stem Cells

Research studies have been conducted showing that H20 oxygen can be used to mobilize stem cells. In one research study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, researchers found that after a single treatment of oxygen therapy, the concentrations of stem cells in the body doubled. With more oxygen treatments, the concentrations of stem cells only increased even more.

Your body needs these stem cells to repair injuries. Traditionally, when you get hurt, your body fixes these injuries using scar tissue. Scar tissue does not have the same functionality as native tissue. Therefore, you might not achieve the complete recovery you desire. In contrast, you can use H20 oxygen to mobilize your body’s stem cells, providing injured body parts with pluripotent stem cells that can divide and replace lost, native cells.

Expedite the Healing Process

In this manner, oxygen therapy can be used to help you recover in more ways than one. While oxygen can help you feel better by flooding your bloodstream with oxygen that is required to power your body’s processes. Oxygen therapy can also be used to mobilize your body’s stem cells. This is the difference that you experience when you visit Worldwide Treatment Centers. We work hard to remain on the cutting edge of treatment options in our field because we place the needs of our patients first.

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Your body depends on a steady supply of oxygen to power cellular respiration and produce energy. This energy is required to heal injuries and treat illnesses. That is why, at Worldwide Treatment Centers, we offer H20 oxygen therapy to help our patients. If you would like to learn more about how we can use this treatment method to help you, then give us a call today to make an appointment!